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Hainan Xinxing Import and Export Co.Ltd was established in 2000, originally under China Xinxing Import and Export Corporation, which is the sole exporter of military supply and logistic equipment authorized by Chinese government and is a comprehensive super state-owned military trading enterprise. The main products are clothing, shoes, boots, backpacks, raincoats, tents, sleep bag, bulletproof vests, bulletproof helmets, camouflage nets, anti-riot suit ,tactical equipment and other services.

Hainan Xinxing Import and Export Co.Ltd has established business relationship with more than 50 countries in military supply and logistic equipment. Such as North America: the United States,Mexico; South America: Brazil, Argentina, Cuba, Peru, Chile,Venezuela; Europe: France, The United Kingdom,Netherland, Spain, Portugal,Poland, Romania, Hungary; Asia: India, Pakistan, Singapore, Nepal, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Japan , South Korea; the Middle East: UAE, Qatar, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Kuwait; Africa: Cameroon, Mali, Guinea, Senegal, Benin ,Nigeral etc.

 Hainan Xinxing Import and Export Co.Ltd always adhere to the business philosophy of credibility first, quality first, to use first-class technology, first-class products, first-class service to create the first-class brand of Xinxing, to establish the good image of paying attention to the credit and advocating the good quality. All our customers could rest assure of our product quality and satisfy with our delivery on time in strict accordance with terms of contracts.

   Hainan Xinxing Import and Export Co.Ltd sincerely hope we could establish more extensive cooperation with all friends in carrying out military supply and logistic equipment in future.
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